samedi 19 juillet 2008

Stalnoy Pakt - Probuzhdeniye Rossii (2002)

Stalnoy Pakt - Probuzhdeniye Rossii (2002)
This is the first full-length CD release of the new project of A. Lebedev-Frontov (Linija Mass, Vetrophonia) after the brilliant 10'' release in Prometheus series and the split 10'' with Rasthof Dachau, both issued by Der Angriff. Dedicated to the Russians who immigrated to Europe, but still tried to fight for the freedom of Russia after the Bolshevik revolution.The music is in the same vein as on the previous vinyl releases and more atmospheric than his other projects… dark, profound, and ominous ambient sounds with a churning underbelly of activity via loops, samples, and analogue noise touches. Non-standard sized silver-on-black printed cover, limited edition of 500 copies.

01 - Untitled

02 - Untitled

03 - Untitled

04 - Untitled

05 - Untitled

06 - Untitled

07 - Untitled

08 - Untitled

09 - Untitled

10 - Untitled


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