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The 4-Skins are a working class Oi! punk rock band from the East End of London, England. They formed in 1979 and disbanded in 1984, although a new line-up has formed in 2007.
Prior to the release of the band's debut single, "One Law For Them", The 4-Skins contributed songs to the first three Oi! compilation albums, alongside bands such as Cockney Rejects, Cock Sparrer, The Business and Angelic Upstarts. Other well-known songs include: "Sorry", "Evil", "Chaos", "Plastic Gangsters" and "A.C.A.B." (All Coppers Are Bastards). Many of their songs dealt with violent topics, but the band has claimed they were discussing the realities of inner city life, not promoting violence. Other 4-Skins song topics include police harassment, political corruption, war and unemployment. Most of the original four band members were or had been skinheads, thus the double meaning of the band's name. However, Steve Pear had a rockabilly style, and Hoxton Tom McCourt — who was a suedehead — was one of the leading faces in the mod revival. Initially the band members had known each other from football, or from following bands such as Sham 69 and Menace.
The 4-Skins went through many personnel changes during their five-year existence, only bassist/songwriter 'Hoxton' Tom McCourt being present in every line-up of the band. Notable former members include frontman of The Last Resort, Roi Pearce, and guitarist Paul Swain, who later joined white power band Skrewdriver.
In 2007, the band reformed with two of the original members - lead singer Gary Hodges and bassist Steve 'H' Harmer, plus the Cockney Rejects' Mick Geggus and Andy Russell on guitar and drums respectively. The new line-up has been recording an album for the independent record label G&R London. This new line-up appeared on the G&R London compilation album Kings of Streetpunk, with the songs "Chaos 2007" and "Glory Days". Despite having originally stated that they would not perform live, Gary Hodges, fronting the band Indecent Exposure as Gary Hodges' 4-Skins, has played two shows, one in Berlin at the Punk and Disorderly festival and the other in Allentown, PA at the East Coast Oi Fest. Most recently they have been confirmed to play the Blackpool rebellion Punk festival. In April, 2008 Gary Hodges 4-Skins' released two songs for free on their official web page. Both are covers of Slade songs, namely "Cum on Feel the Noize" and "Thanks for the Memories".


*** (1981) One Law for Them (Clockwork Fun - CF 101)

1. One Laf For Them
2. Brave New World


*** (1982) Low Life (Secret Records - SHH 141)

1. Low Life
2. Bread Or Blood


*** (1981) Yesterday's Heroes (Secret Records - SHH 125)

1. Yesterday's Heroes
2. Justice, Get Out of My Llife



*** (1982) The Good, The Bad & The 4-Skins (Secret Records - SEC 4)

1. Plastic Gangsters / 2. Jealousy / 3. Yesterday's Heroes / 4. Justice / 5. Jack the Lad / 6. Remembrance Day / 7. Manifesto / 8. Wonderful World / 9. Sorry / 10. Evil / 11. I Don't Wanna Be / 12. A.C.A.B. / 13. Chaos / 14. One Law For Them
Bonus Tracks (Available on Captain Oi, 1993 CD version)
15. Low Life / 16. Bread or Blood / 17. Get Out Of My Life / 18. Seems to Me /19. Norman
Tom McCourt (bass), Panther (vocals), John Jacobs (guitar), Pete Abbot (drums)


*** (1983) A Fistful Of 4-Skins (Syndicate Records - SYN 1)

1. 5 More Years / 2. Waiting for a Friend / 3. Johnny Go Home / 4. The Gambler / 5. I'll Stick to My Guns / 6. On File / 7. Forgotten Hero / 8. The Spy From Alaska / 9. H.M.P. / 10. No Excuse / 11. Betrayed / 12. City Boy / 13. New War / 14. On The Streets (Bonus) 2000 CD version from Captain Oi! / 15. Saturday Demo (Bonus) 2000 CD version from Captain Oi!
Roi Pearce (vocals), Tom McCourt (bass), Paul Swain (guitar), Ian Bramson (drums)


*** (1984) From Chaos to 1984 (Live) (Syndicate Recs - SYN LP 5)

1. Wonderful World / 2. Jealousy / 3. On the Streets / 4. Johnny Go Home / 5. 1984 / 6. Bread or Blood / 7. Saturday /8. A.C.A.B. / 9. City Boy / 10. Five More Years / 11. Evil / 12. On File / 13. Clockwork Spirit / 14. Chaos
Roi Pearce (vocals), Tom McCourt (bass), Paul Swain (guitar), Ian Bramson (drums)


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