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LEGOWELT MP3's and soundbytes

LEGOWELT MP3's and soundbytes
Some are complete MP3's, others are just snippets.
Highest of the Skies (U.S.mix) Raw italoish disco jam from forthcoming Legowelt E.P.
Black Bass (Dirty Version) Pump it hard and ride it low...this is the equation of the BLACK BASS!
The Hague Jam Den Haag Electro vocoder cruising classic
Zebra Dance - Chi-town style deep slow jammer
Transylvania Airlines Are the pilots still alive...Forests flow like an Ocean...Descending a haze of dark confusion...
Trans Alaskan Drexcyian detroit SH101 electro style from the Twilight Moose Project
Shadows of the Moose Through the scandinavian forest the mooses roam...
Pacific Bay More Twilight Moose with a slight cosmicey Doris Norton touch
LostinvanStolkwijkPark - Dickie Smabers is lost in the villa park
Preperation at Moosley Bay from the upcoming Smackos - Pacific Northwest Sasquatch ResearchWe can watch Alf in the hotel room - before the expedition begins the team unwinds and watches an episode of ALF
Boarding Cat another track from that album
Follow the Clouds, Bigfoot - another track from the Pacific Northwest Sasquatch Research, check out that funky harp
Sasquatch Investigator - Woolley Korg Polysix saturation, again from the Pacific Northwest Sasquatch thing...
Rain Forecast - can you feel the raindrops from the moody clouds, again from the Sasquatch etc.
Sparse Clues - on the trail of the Sasquatch
Tierische Magnetismus - Professor Malbador is on the case....of the...yes...Sasquatch
Clouds over Riga - The inmense sadness of Falckenhaus D
Debrieffing in Bonn - woollley soft warm bass lakes
DX Days - a happy smudgey uplifting track
MysticTrack - Detroitish rubberstring tack
Apocalypse The apocalypse has begun!!! all out chi-town madness
DevestatingJM - bubbly acid mayhem
Centurion - From the forthcoming new Gladio EP 'hadrian's wall'
Blood of Abraham extatic biblical saber style acid banger
Acidos Salamandos 303 crazyness
Gladius Gladius - From the upcoming Gladio Hadrian's Wall EP
Heliopolis - On the mystical island of Heliopolis...
Mathematicians of the Black Diaspora - snippy acidtrack
SHlovestory21 - tearjearkin'deep house track
Wigwam Dance - Saber Dancemania style Wigwam cut
Time Team Track - From the upcoming Gladio Hadrian's Wall EP
Juneau keeps on Raining - More Alaskan style electro style from the Twilight Moose Project
Alpenland Detective from Franz Falckenhaus'The Europa Judgement' album
Nachtmerrie achter de bushalte (Nightmare behind the busstop) a track from Smackos' - UFO onderzoek 1983 album upcoming on Holosynthesis
Noordzee Helikopter (Northsea Helicopter) - also from the same album
Anathema: Vloek van de paranormale SS (Anathema curse of the paranormal SS - another track from UFO onderzoek 1983
UFO Onderzoek 1983 Main theme - Haunting sci-fi soundtrack
The Typhoon Papers - more from Franz
Jam to Assault 13 live electro version from this John Carpenter track
Trams of Prague - from Franz Falckenhaus'The Europa Judgement' album
Telcom Mountain Computer from Smackos'Computer Day album
Stranger in the Strangest Land - classic jam from 2006 with Traxx and Sandy
How Deep Can I tonight - deeep never released track from the pimpshifter days
Equestrian 707 - yes it will be released soon
Den Haag Nights - Moody Den Haag electro from the 90s
Strike A Pose - Old electro song from the 90s
Strada 83 - schlagerdisco track from the 90s
The Stars, The Universe etc. Deep astronomy electro
Thursday Telephasis A deep Falckenhaus song with a DX7 and TR808...coming in the autumn on the "The Lost Border" release.
The lonelyness of Irena S A typical Aus der reihe Derrick lonelyness in the bar scene background song....also from the lost border release.
Land of Lonzo mp3 Mysteries of the Ghetto mp3Lonzo Dance mp3
Elefanten Boots Soundtrack
Flamingos in the night
Alone in the Hotel
Mystery Organisation (excerpt)
Heavily influenced by Drexciya as you might hear, a piece of raw spy techno jazzfunk
Theme from Knut Anderson (excerpt)
Euro comic connesseurs might know Knut, the norwegian drag car racer from C-league comic magazines...but before Knut started his career in drag racing he was a pilot for the Swedish airforce and had all sorts of mildly interesting adventures in the roaring 60ies.
Lufthansa 1977
Cold war minimal electrowave...On October 19th 1977, Venom 18,the autistic spy, takes a nightflight to Tokyo
Globo Theme (excerpt)
A sort of cover of Automat's "Droid"...the freaks might know this cover from back in the days
The Strange events at Mazumba (excerpt)
A forbidden zone in the depths of the jungle

Heidelberg Computer Center (excerpt)
Back in Heidelberg, Venom 18 tries to find more clues working the supercomputer.

Beyond The Congo
This record takes us to the dangerous deep jungles of the Congo - early 1960ies - which by then was the setting for a number of particular events. Crack elite Belgian paratroopers found themselves fighting German Mercenaries (mostly ex-eastern front veterans!) who themselves were fighting expat Cuban guerillas again ...meanwhile a freshly formed Swedish / Indian UN task airforce bombed the hell out of them all...and not to mention the rich uranium mines, savage congolose deathsquads led by raging voodoo witchdoctors and the lurking mapoeto monster in the jungle!
From the Wir Leben in Pussywelt 12"
The Dimension Door
A Dark Land
Dance of the Moonbird
No one hears you cry
Taken from "Tower of the Gipsies", released on Bunker records 2003. The perfect soundtrack for a dark campingnight in the Karpatian mountains.Timewarping the listener to unknown mediaval swamp invested dark lands with burning red skies where the Spanish inquisition is still being enforced! Fortunately a band of gipsies will lead the way out of this misery...
Total Pussy Control
From the Pimpshifter release.
Arrival at the Library
The Legowelt version of The Escape from New York soundtrack from the European tribute to John Carpenter release on Individus Analoges.
Squadra Blanco - Berghotel
Squadra Blanco - Purification
2 MP3 snippets taken from the legendary double LP Squadra Blanco - Night of the Illuminati on Holosynthesis...Legowelt's magnus opus until now...a deep trip into the European darkness of secret organisations , Snowy mountains and ocult forces! Fear them cause they know who you are!

Dirty Tango
From the Stilleben "Tracks from the Tube" release

Autobahn Disco
The zenith of epic Krimi Autobahn (tieten) disco from the mysterious lost Derrick in Wuppertal record. It is believed the mastertapes were confiscated by Interpol. Its wereabouts remain unknown till today. This is the only track that was found on a back up reel.

The Nomium Syndrome tells us the story about Cherri, a young student archeologist who travels to a mysterious deep forest in Germany where she is going to help a professor who has escaveted the ruins of a mythical temple of dark powers! As the story unfolds Cherri has to endure feats of horror that are beyond the realm of this world!

Gina fly to space
Just a Touch
A romantic slow jam from the Reports from the backseat pimp release.

Deadland Boogie
A remix I did for the Finnish country band Rolf Sebastian, apart from the text of the lyrics (which goes something like "The face of a strange man...there is no gold here....) this TR 808 and raw old synth JAM is far away from the original country song ;)

The raw pumping chaos of a liveset in Detroit. Recorded on some shifty old cassette, hence the muffled nuance of the sound.
Things get unusally hard in a dancemania influenced house track (ah shucks!...claps on the 4 and even 909 hihats! ;) ). Now and then the probably drunk sound guy tweaks the recording level resulting in sudden distorted parts.
My Radio
Legowelt's remix for Solvent's - My Radio
Polarius - Apollo Park
Stuff doesn't get much deeper and moody then this cold winters day stroll in the park
Polarius - Nemo Airfield
Another Polarius track were deep housish chords set the mood
Klaus Weltman - The Japanese Ornothologist
From the Cultus Island soundtrack, strange events are occuring on a little island before the Swedish coast.
Klaus Weltman - Living in a Sad World
Another track from the Cultus Island soundtrack.
Gladio - Gladio, Slave of Rome
Gladio - Battle of the Tyreems
2 Tracks from the Gladio release on Bunker...Roman Empire electronics for the dark rooms!
Chevalier de Barbaras - I ride my horse
Back to the swashbuckling ages of 1788, the chevalier rides out searching for adventure!
Tribute to Marcello Giombinni
Marcello Giombini was an Italian soundtrack composer who did the score for Anthrophophagus, among many other titles. This track was heavily influenced by this score which I was listening to a lot that time. He made extremely good use of an Arp 2600 synthesizer on it. Sadly Marcello Giombini died in december 2003, so I tribute this track to his beautifull mysterious music!

The Age of Candy Candy
One of a number of tracks which was made with the Jupiter 4 synthesizer and is based around the theme of an obscure Japanese animation series that I remember vaguely from my Childhood called Candy Candy. Candy is an orphanage who has to survive a lot of shit that is thrown at her.
Romantic Smack
A bliss of romantic beauty...Romantic Smack is one of Legowelt's favorite self-produced tracks ever. Taken from the The Age of Candy Candy album.
Crystal Cat
A tribute to Charles Bronson from the Bronson Quest EP. Dramatic tearjearkin' electrowave.
Assault Theme (John Carpenter)
Legowelt's cover of John Carpenters Assault on Precinct 13 soundtrack, as released on the US Molotov records.
Berlin Ostbahnhof
Quite an old track that was released on an obscure 7" some years ago. Dark smudgy electro that tries to capture a mood of espionage melancholy of a forbidden love in Berlin during the cold war days.
Lake Distrax
We go way back even more into the early/mid 90ies when Legowelt's first cassette was released called Space Force. This is one of the few tracks that I could salvage. Sadly I don't have most tracks anymore in my collection but I try to hunt them down and put the whole Space Force cassette for download here somewhere in the future. Most of the stuff on this tape is in the Detroit-ish dreamy techno vien.

The illistrious Smackos tracks are back again, composed on the Korg MS-modular synthesisers, Pro One & a Minimoog.
A Minimoog interpretation of the mediaval "Codex Calixtinus"
The Countess visits the town
an uplifting piece...happy and assured.
A defeatistic Love
A mysterious affair, my personal favourite.
The self sacrifice of Irena Karlstein
A tensious baseline leads. Irena Karlsteins suffers the wrath of Love
The doctor and professor meet to discuss the paranormal
Some more old track digged up from lost cassette tapes:
A very early track from the early 90ies made when Legowelt was still in school. The cassette noise adds charm and you better take it like this cause back in those days I didn't have a DAT machine.
Also from waaaay back, like Svolvaer this track has a very moody atmpshere that might reminds us on a cold winters day on the beach.
Silent Service
A more detroitish influenced track but with an ever present nautical theme

Smacktrax in the Mix DJ set
Recorded at the Salambo Bar The Hague Beach, summer 2004. Occasionaly Legowelt also DJ's some sides, mostly any records that migh be his current favourites...which can be a lot of things.
Euphonic radio DJ set (Realaudio)
Legowelt drives deep in this mix from a few years ago




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