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v/a - The Sound Of Hate: Vol. 1 (1988)

v/a - The Sound Of Hate: Vol. 1 (1988)

A Welcome Return To Family Values
This is where the ball got rolling. Originally released through Strength Through Awareness Branch, then released through Lebensborn and finally through the always happy label AWB Recorings . The first two labels are part of Open Wound. Open Wound is the controversial label run by Grey Wolves front man Trevor Ward. AWB recordings is run by Mark Solotroff of Bloodyminded, The Fortieth Day, and Intrinsic Action.

Here's the Discogs write up on Open Wound;
Open Wound has it's roots in a tape label named Anal Probe, started in the winter of 82/83 by Ward and his later Grey Wolves-cooperator David Padbury. Anal Probe lasted until the spring of 85, when Padbury moved to Manchester. He started a label of it's own, called Artaman Tapes, which later became Sol Niger.
Ward started a label called Zeal SS, which became Zeal Of England, switched back to Zeal SS, then changed it to Death's Head Unit and many further names as Atrocity Network, Strength Through Awareness Branch, New Strength, Lebensborn, Transformer, Industrial Heritage, Industrial Warfare and -finally- Open Wound.
Presented here with love and tolerance. A document saved from the ashes of the ages and preserved for you as a audio documentation of aural anarchy.

Track Listing;
A1 They Try Terre Blanche
A2 Temple Ov Wax Hate - Vidna Obmana
A3 Sensorial Pollution - Sigillum S
A4 Shit On You (Defecation Ad Infinitum) - Con-Dom
A5 Look Up To Me - Intrinsic Action
B1 The Sound Of Hate - The Grey Wolves
B2 Substrated Skinning - Substrated Skinning
B3 Bastard - Con-Dom
B4 Dust In Through Mouth - Vidna Obmana
B5 Motivation - Intrinsic Action

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