samedi 10 mai 2008

VЯʘМВ - Le Facteur Humain

VЯʘМВ - Le Facteur Humain

VЯʘМВ's solid reputation as a unique artist is legendary amongst fans of minimal electro rhythms. Based in Montréal (Québec) VЯʘМВ's Hugo Girard is nonetheless better known in Europe and in the United States where his rare concerts draw crowds of admirers from several hundred miles around. Having released only but a few discs in his whole ten years and over career's span - a tendency he is currently working on reversing - his many followers eagerly await each release. With a style on his own created by analog synthesizers and combining strong electronic rhythms and deep atmospheres, Girard's project may be one of the most original acts in the North American electronic music scene.This version was limited to 505 pieces.

Год: 1996

Страна: Canada

Лейбл: Ant-Zen


01. Présentation (6:32)

02. Le Facteur Humain I (6:48)

03. Communication 1 (1:45)

04. Le Facteur Humain II (2:59)

05. Le Facteur Humain III (1:29)

06. Le Facteur Humain IV (1:45)

07. Le Facteur Humain V (5:48)

08. Communication 2 (1:52)

09. Transmodulation A.M.P. 3 (9:37)

10. Ontogénèse (13:10)

11. Communication 3 (5:06)

12. Interference (11:09)

13. Épilogue (4:11)
Скачать: HERE 1 -and- HERE 2

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