samedi 3 mai 2008

Deutsch Nepal & The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud - A Night In Fear (1996)

...When the moon is hidden beneath the clouds and the Earth is covered with darkness, you hear the night scream of banshee an the moan of tired Earth oppressed with sorrow. Either you're listening to "Kostnice" recorded at the Kostel Vsech Svatch in Bohemia, or the voice of "Yandalongg" from the Suffolk's little Saxam church,or "A Night In Fear", the split album with Lina (Deutsch Nepal), the magician of cold Nordic soundscapes, or the relaxing rhythms of "Madhr" with the hybrids, the mystical spirit of Albin Julius and Elisabeth's true ritual works can never leave you indifferent. Through the cultural and ideological ruins, decline of Great Empires and civilizations, spiritual genocide, like industrial bosch they stop us to Return inside ourselves, to the atmosphere of the deepest dramaticism being armed with their own highly emotional vision of sound known as The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud. Because the artist's soul is only the mirror of of this world" ...Maybe we'd all died on plague in 1348?!?"...I love all things Albin Julius. Released on The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud's own Swiss label Arthur's Round Table in 1996. This CD EP marked of many collaboration between Albin Julius and Deutsch Nepal. Ironically enough, the dancey nature of the first track rankled many a fan when this release came out. In retrospect, and over 10 years of hindsight, I think it's a nice change up in the bands discography.
"Tracknames are labels and therefore they diminish the experience of the listener and support their tendency for consumption"

Track Listing;

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