mardi 17 février 2009

ANGELIC UPSTARTS - Anthems Against Scum

Formed in South Shields, England in 1977, the Angelic Upstarts was one of the period's most politically-charged and thought-provoking groups; though technically a skinhead band, their records attacked the racism and fascism so prevalent throughout the skinhead community, and while also technically a punk unit, their music quickly evolved beyond the movement's limited scope.
The Angelic Upstarts were led by the rather nasal vocalist Mensi (born Thomas Mensforth), whose impoverished childhood became a frequent lyrical touchstone; along with a highly-fluid line-up which initially comprised guitarist Mond, bassist Ronnie Wooden and drummer Sticks, the group debuted with the 1979 single "Murder of Liddle Towers," a scabrous attack on police brutality. The record caught the attention of Sham 69's Jimmy Pursey, who produced their debut album Teenage Warning, which, like its 1980 follow-up We Gotta Get Outta This Place, roundly ridiculed the oppressive policies of Margaret Thatcher while offering an outpouring of sympathy for the working class.
-- by Jason Ankeny,

1. Never Ad Nothing - Angelic Upstarts, Mensi
2. Teenage Warning - Angelic Upstarts, Mond
3. Last Night Another Soldier - Angelic Upstarts, Mond
4. Solidarity - Angelic Upstarts, Mensi
5. Kids on the Street - Angelic Upstarts, Mensi
6. I Understand - Angelic Upstarts, Mond
7. Woman in Disguise - Angelic Upstarts, Mond
8. Machine Gun Kelly - Angelic Upstarts, Splodge, Max
9. England - Angelic Upstarts, Mensi
10. I'm an Upstart - Angelic Upstarts, Mond
11. Murder of Liddle Towers - Angelic Upstarts, Mensi
12. If the Kids Are United - Angelic Upstarts, Parsons, Dave
13. Solidarity - Angelic Upstarts, Mensi
14. White Riot - Angelic Upstarts, Jones, Mick [Clash]

** year - 2002
** Label - Import [Generic]
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