lundi 15 décembre 2008

Bad Sector - Ze [1994]

A1- Ampos
A2- GruHiu
A3- Ou
A4- TrozOu
A5- Ze
B1- Ahibbe
B2- Pnia
B3- RsAa
B4- Npoi
B5- Drulco

Bad Sector is Massimo Magrini from Italy, During late 80s, he played in a local electronic band (Jesus Blood), using self built analog and digital synthesizers. Besides these activities in 1992 he created his Bad Sector musical project, trying to discover dark sonic areas and focusing his attention on the melting point between ambient, experimental, noise and minimal music. He has released various CDs and vinyls, always having good responses from international underground electronic music magazines and listeners, and performed live in a lot of countrys.

This is the first work of Bad Sector, this is a Cassette and comes Packaged in an A6 sleeve.

p.s. I can post a lot of Works of Bad Sector, i think i have everything from him ...but i only post if people in general like, so PLEASE SAY something in Comments.

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2 commentaires:

EcoPagan a dit…

You are joking with me, this is a copy paste from my post on DarkObscurity, you could be a little more original and whrite your own words

sm88 a dit…

I like Bad Sector. I only had stuff from compilations before aside from one album, so continue posting and I'll continue listening to it.