samedi 24 janvier 2009

REBOTINI - Music Components

Rebotini is still a techno DJ at heart, though, and for everyone who thought
Burn Your Own Church, Black Strobe's underwhelming debut album,
drastically severed all ties with anything loosely electronic, Rebotini's new
offering will please late adopters and hardcore believers both.
In a grudge-free world, Smagghe would play "Mnll" to death. Sure, both
have obviously moved on, but on the basis of Music Components, it is
clear these two totally deserved one another.

Music Components

01. The Spirit Of Boogie (4:56)
02. Un Cheval D'Orgueil (5:41)
03. 1314 (6:42)
04. Cm (5:47)
05. The Swamp Waltz (5:46)
06. Horns Of Innocence (5:04)
07. Conakry Filter Sweep (10:01)
08. 777 (5:58)
09. Decade Of Aggression (4:26)
10. Mnll (11:36)


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